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  • 9th November, 2017

Transitioning from Junior School to Senior School

It is that time of year when the Year 6 students excitedly anticipate the next stage in their learning journey, Senior School. As they complete their final Junior School assessments and participate in their ‘last’ experiences, there is a mixture of sadness, excitement and an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder about the journey ahead.

Throughout the year as each term unfolded, the Year 6 students embraced the ‘leadership’ theme and worked tirelessly to achieve success. Students were encouraged to embody leadership in their character, the way in which they fulfilled the many roles provided to them and in their academic learning. Most students faced challenges in some form or another along the way, but with determination, grit and perseverance, managed to overcome these minor hiccups and continued flourishing into the outstanding leaders of the Junior School we have today.

The Year 6 cohort of 2017 understand what it means to be resilient and how to seek assistance when feeling overwhelmed. They have made the most of the leadership opportunities provided to them, and feel ready to farewell Junior School and to become the little fish in a massive pond. They do not perceive the pond as daunting, however, but rather a place filled with adventures and milestones yet to be reached.

Transitioning from Junior School to Senior School can be nerve-wracking and unpredictable, which is why with some careful planning and a shared vision between the Senior and Junior School teachers, our current Year 6 cohort will have two full transitioning days, where they will be immersed in activities that we anticipate will help ease the nerves and boost their excitement about Senior School. 

Your life is a story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind, while moving on to the next. (Unknown)

Here are some quotes from some of our amazing Year 6 students about the character strength resilience and how it will support their transition to Senior School…

Resilience is that feeling that when things don’t go your way, it gives you the drive to move onwards and upwards. In Senior School, resilience will help me cope with the unknown or unexpected. Umer Khan, Year 6C

Resilience is when people bounce back from a situation that they believe was not the best decision that they made. I can use resilience in Senior School by not letting what has happened in the past get inside my head and stop me from achieving. Vipasha Rajkumar, Year 6P

Resilience is being able to recover from disappointment or a tough situation. Resilience will help me in Senior School if I don’t get the grade I wanted or find myself in a difficult situation with my friends. I won’t let negativity get inside my head. Hannah Ferguson, Year 6T

Resilience is when you are able to get back up again after a stressful or difficult time, and being able to adapt to face these challenges head-on to achieve success. An example of this in Senior School could be completing many assignments or sitting assessments that determine your path later on in life. Amity Fielding, Year 6K and James Beh, Year 6T

Resilience is being able to cope with your faults like when you act before you think. I will use resilience next year when I have assignments and I am revising for tests at home. When I am becoming stressed, I will use resilience to stay on task and spread my work load out. Marissa Dirkx, Year 6K

Year 6 Teachers – Vennessa Paul, Zoe Kirwan, Rebecca Taylor and Phillip Murray

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