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  • 2nd November, 2017

Prep students visit Technology

Recently, the Prep classes had a taste of life in Senior School when they visited the Technology Faculty. The students had fun cooking Christmas shortbread with Mrs Sharon Adams and Mrs Tanya Jeynes and then this week they visited the Year 10 engineering students who were making and testing their robotic arms.

This was especially interesting to the Prep students, as they have been exploring movement this term by investigating push and pull forces. When visiting Technology, the Prep students were able to see how the robotic arms designed and made by Year 10 students, picked up small objects such as batteries, Lego bricks and a ball. This was particularly relevant to the class, as they had previously studied how Mars rovers must pick up small items. As each Prep student had designed and made their own Mars rover model, further discussions arose when they returned to class as they thought about design modifications they could make.

Bernelle Sole – Head of Technology

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