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  • 13th September, 2017

A.B. Paterson College Junior Chess Club

Combined Gold Coast North and South Districts Interschool Competition

On Wednesday, 6 September 2017, Junior Chess Club students from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in a Gardiner Chess Combined Districts Interschool Chess Competition at the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre. The competition was extremely strong, with 576 chess players competing from schools across both the Gold Coast North and South Divisions. Our Junior Chess Club sported 16 players competing across the Premier Division, as well as, B and C Divisions. 

This competition was for the more serious chess players, with the goal of having fun as well as identifying and improving individual ratings.  Ratings are a numerical calculation based on a student’s success and ability demonstrated during division championships. All participating Junior Chess Club students are commended for their teamwork and support of each other during this event. The Growth Mindset of A.B. Paterson College chess players, who were competing against students with significantly higher ratings, was impressive.

Luke Hadley (Year 6C) is congratulated for his stand-out performance during the competition.  At his first attendance at an interschool event representing A.B. Paterson College, Luke received a merit ribbon for achieving 4.5 points or greater. 

Term 4 Junior Chess Club In-College Tournament Place-Getters and Awards

At the conclusion of every term, the top five tournament place getters within each of the coaching levels of Junior Chess Club receive certificates.  Place getters 1st, 2nd and 3rd also receive a medallion.  Coaches also award end of term Recognition Certificates.  Congratulations are conveyed to:

Beginner A & B Group Tournament Awards

1st Place Getter - Samuel Atkinson, Year 2L

2nd Place Getter – Matthew Morris, Year 1D

3rd Place Getter – Nate Tanner, Year 3S

Most Improved Awards – Abhilasha Sarmah, Year 1G and Calvin Liu, Year 1B

Encouragement Awards – Kirran Opperman, Year 1C and Dev Deshmukh, Year 1C

Coach’s Special Awards – Zoe Han, Year 1D and Emily Yang, Year 1C

Intermediate Group Tournament Awards

1st Place Getter – Peter Ketchell, Year 3F

2nd Place Getter – Junoh Han, Year 3S

3rd Place Getter – Hamish Canning, Year 3M

4th Place Getter – Mitchell Chen, Year 3F

5th Place Getter – Zach Wang, Year 3H

Most Improved Award – Angus Han, Year 5B

Encouragement Award – Summer Wang, Year 3H

Coach’s Special Award for Best Sporting Conduct – Grace Xu, Year 3M

Advanced Group Tournament Awards

1st Place Getter – Ray Li, Year 5B

2nd Place Getter – Nolan Brezovszky, Year 6C

Tied 4th Place Getter – Samuel Zou, Year 6C

Tied 4th Place Getter – Ethan Vu, Year 4S

Tied 4th Place Getter – Hamish Snow, Year 6T

Tied 4th Place Getter – Thomas Kapetanovic, Year 4A

Transfer Awards – Thomas Kapetanovic, Year 4A and Ethan Vu, Year 4S

Coach’s Special Award for Interschool Competition Effort – Luke Hadley, Year 6C

Susanne Ginnane – Junior Chess Club Supervisor

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