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  • 4th September, 2017

News from our Origami Club

On 30 August, around 50 Junior School students participated in the August Origami Club to make their own artwork for Father's Day. They were instructed to fold a medallion and a dress shirt for their ‘No.1 Dad’ and they all had great success! Please check out some confident faces of the participants and their well-made artwork in the pictures! Well done everyone for your Origami dexterity.

This month, our always helpful Year 11 helpers were not available due to their exam schedule. To fill in the huge gap, eight Year 9 student of Japanese stepped up and volunteered to work as ‘helping hands' for the first time, and made it possible for the younger students to have a blast! Well done for your leadership skills, Year 9 helpers!

The next Origami Club is scheduled for Wednesday, 25 October for Halloween creations. I look forward to seeing many Years 4-6 students come along.

Douzo yoroshiku!

Yoko MacDonald - Teacher of Japanese

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