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  • 30th August, 2017

Promising Poets Produce Powerful Poems

This term, Year 2 students have been learning to read, recite and write poetry.

We have learnt a range of poetic terms and techniques. These terms and techniques include rhythm, rhyme and the use of adjectives. We have also experimented with alliteration (the repetition of the same sound in the poem) and similes (comparing one thing to another thing to describe it). The studying of these techniques has enabled Year 2 students to demonstrate their growing knowledge of poetry conventions.

Year 2Cs assembly this term featured a poem called Eggshell Animals by Australian poet Celia Berrell. The students recited the poem with great gusto!

At the Poetry Evening, we were lucky to hear twelve Year 2 students recite a range of traditional, humorous and self-written poems. The self-written poems required students to choose a colour and write a poem that included rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and similes. Well done to all of the Year 2 students for writing these poems so confidently and to James Walduck (Year 2C), Rohan Nallapu (Year 2K), Morgan Wedermeyer (Year 2L) and Alina Galvin (Year 2R) for being selected to recite their colour poem at the poetry evening.

Congratulations to the Year 2 winners of the poetry evening:

  • Seyara Welagedara – High Explosive by A.B. Paterson (traditional)
  • Alina Galvin – Colour Poem Red (self-written) (pictured right)
  • George Habib – Attack of the Giant Dinosaur by John Williams (humorous)

Year 2 students have written some creative and expressive poetry over the course of the term. For example, Chelsea Rayner from Year 2R wrote this piece of alliteration:

Ruby red robots running really rapidly round rusty robots

Tori Russell from 2L wrote this rhyming couplet:

White dogs, night dogs
Strolling through the light dogs

Teachers and students have all enjoyed the poetry unit of study. It has given us the chance to be creative, humorous and thoughtful as writers. It has allowed us to expand our vocabulary and use these words in our writing. Ariel Dittmann from Year 2K said, “I liked presenting poems so I can do the actions and I also liked writing poems that rhyme.” Huxley Bertsos, also from Year 2K said, “I liked poetry because it was challenging to think of rhyming words.”

Therefore, if you see a Year 2 student and you have some time, ask them to regale you with ridiculous rhyme!

Steve Clacher, Debbie King, Kathleen Richardson and Amy Lamont - Year 2 Teachers


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