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  • 29th August, 2017

Piano Students Achieve at Somerset Festival

Congratulations to piano students of Inge Lass for their achievements at the Somerset Festival of Music – some performing for the first time. There were seven first places, seven second places and three third places! Well done, everyone!

Alexander Roberts               Year 7             1st place, 2nd place

Evie Kim                                 Year 7             1st place, 3rd place

Cruz Liu                                  Year 4             1st place, 2nd place

Elie Kim                                  Year 3             1st place, 3rd place

Sara Mohajer-Iravani          Year 5             2nd place, 2nd place

Bree Holt                                Year 5             2nd place, 2nd place

Angela Sun                             Year 1             1st place

Isabella Zou                           Year 1             1st place

Kirra Nicholls                        Year 2             1st place

Saeesha Kumar                     Year 3             2nd place

Lilium Salar                            Year 3             3rd place

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