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  • 25th August, 2017

From the Assistant Principal's Desk

The 5 Rs – Do you have them?

The school term is flying by at a rate of knots, with so many wonderful opportunities, within the classrooms and also as part of the sporting, cultural and co-curricular programs. Our students and teachers across the College are involved in a plethora of learning activities, which assist our students in developing their reputation, resilience, reliability, respect and rigour. If we display these attributes in all we do, our students will no doubt achieve the results of which they are capable.

It is sometimes said that a reputation is hard to win but easy to lose. What reputation have we acquired? Each of us builds a reputation and together as school, we do the same. Are we known for our hard work, our reliability, our integrity and honesty? On these, reputations are built, as they rely on actions rather than words.

All of us will face times when things do not go as planned. How we manage that, says much about our character. As parents, we can do much to model resilience in the way we deal with things when they go wrong. As parents, our natural instinct is to do everything for our children (as we wish to protect them), but in not allowing them to get things wrong from time to time, are we helping them to cope when they grow older and leave school? There is no doubt that resilience is a key factor of successful leaders and business people. 

Key to building a successful reputation is reliability. We know that successful organisations are those whose products do not break down. Personally, we know that the best friend is someone on whom we can rely. Reliability comes from doing well what we say we will do. Can we help others in their need, hand our work in on time, and ensure our best effort? Young or old, we can all be reliable. As a school that fundamentally believes in the parent-school partnership, teamwork is essential.

The best teamwork comes from treating others with respect. Do we respond with respect in our emails or phone calls to school? When school and home have mutual respect, they work together to help students be the best young people that they can be? Similarly, by encouraging and displaying respect to each other, we also help prepare students for their next stage of life where being able to work together is a crucial skill, particularly in a diverse world.

Finally, we need to work hard. As it was once said, there is no substitute for hard work. Hard work and high expectations will help our children achieve great things.

Marie Perry
Assistant Principal

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