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  • 22nd August, 2017

Junior MakerSpaces

To meet the demand for Junior MakerSpaces, the program has expanded for students to participate in a short five-week course on Monday, as well as the term-long Friday sessions.  Years 4–6 students have been meeting in the Collaborative Learning Centre to tinker, invent and create using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

The project for Term 3 is Exploring Robotics and Code utilising Lego Mindstorms. Students are having lots of fun building robots and making code to enable them to complete different challenges. Students have explored how household items use code to make our daily lives easier, and brainstormed many new uses for robots. 

Congratulations to Emelia Wedemeyer of Year 4A, who successfully completed the Dark Side of the Moon challenge. Students recreated the 1959 Soviet space mission Luna 3, which was the first space mission to send back images of the previously unknown side of the moon. Lego ‘space probes’ were programmed to orbit the moon and return to Earth without crashing or going into another galaxy.

If your child is interested in joining Junior MakerSpaces next term, an expression of interest will be sent out closer to the end of this term.

Shirley Roser – Co-ordinator Library Services

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