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  • 18th August, 2017

21st Annual MLTAQ Speech Competition

On Sunday 13 August, we had 70 students represent the College at the 21st Annual MLTAQ Speech Competition, held at Gold Coast Griffith University. This competition attracts over 1000 competitors from both the public and private school sectors in South East Queensland, and is the largest language speech competition of its kind in Australia. The selected students not only have the opportunity to test their foreign language skills, but also their public speaking skills, and impromptu language skills in front of a panel of judges they have never met before.

All of our students are to be congratulated for the manner in which they represented A.B. Paterson College, having given up so many morning teas, lunchtimes, and even after school sessions to rehearse. Many staff from other schools at the contest also spoke highly of the polite and friendly manner in which our students conducted themselves, proving what amazing ambassadors they were for the College.

On behalf of the Languages Faculty, I would like to congratulate and thank all of our competitors for doing their best in such strong and highly competitive divisions again this year!

The Prize Winners were:


Year                Student                                        Place
Year 4             Terry Kim                                     2nd
Year 5             Chelsea Howell                            HC
Year 7             Naisha Rahman                           HC
Year 7             Victor Priala                                 HC
Year 10           Mahima Mahesh                         3rd
Year 12           Ezza Khan                                     3rd


Year                Student                                        Place
Year 4             Andrew Murphy                         HC
Year 5             Chelsea Howell                            HC
Year 5             Aveline Rounsley                        HC
Year 6             Nitara Nirthanan                        4th
Year 6             Brooke Taylor                              HC
Year 6             Ally Zhou                                      HC
Year 7             Zoha Khan                                    2nd
Year 7             Marija Bajic                                  HC
Year 8             Angelina Inthanvong                 HC
Year 8             Nahal Naraghi                             HC
Year 9             Kelly Zhou                                    HC
Year 9             Sascha Lawton                            HC
Year 9             Callum Janetzki                           HC
Year 10           Emma Chiu                                  1st
Year 10           Analiese Parker                          HC
Year 10           Grace Murphy                             HC
Year 11           Somer El-Ghobashy                   HC

Japanese Background
Year 8             Kanna Yanagisawa                     1st
Year 7             Melody Kimoto                           HC


Year                Student                                        Place
Year 5             Genevieve Chakuthip                HC

Chinese Background
Year 5             Emily Shi                                       2nd
Year 10           Angie Zhou                                  1st

Cheyne Sandercoe – Head of Languages Faculty


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