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  • 17th August, 2017

Starlab Mobile Planetarium comes to Year 5

This Term, Year 5 students have enjoyed learning about the solar system and about the features of each of the planets though the Science unit Our Place in Space. On Tuesday, 8 August, Year 5 students enjoyed participating in the educational program, Starlab Education. This was an interactive experience that allowed students to observe the night sky through a temporary planetarium. This exciting opportunity involved Year 5 students stepping into the fascinating world of space, enhancing their understanding of concepts developed through Science lessons. Watch this video https://www.facebook.com/abpatersoncollege/videos/1015935391842203/

In particular, the following understanding goals were addressed as part of the Starlab presentation, and will continue to be explored in classes over the coming weeks:

  • What is the relationship between the earth, sun, planets and other celestial bodies in our solar system?
  • How has people’s knowledge of the solar system changed over time?
  • How is knowledge about the solar system useful in our lives today and in the past?
  • What makes a planet a planet?

Kerrie Moore, Jemma Findlay, Georgina Burrows and Jana Kubaska - Year 5 Teachers

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