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  • 4th August, 2017

Nurture Nature

A.B. Paterson College students aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to improve the local environment and give back to the wider community.

Each year, around 200,000 Australian school students participate in National Tree Day planting and this year, A.B. Paterson College was lucky enough to be involved. This special event aims to promote the planting of and caring for native trees and plants, to support local biodiversity and allow students to reconnect with nature.

On Friday 28 July, 18 students from Years 5, 6, 10 and 11 headed to The Surrounds – a new Helensvale community by Villawood Properties – to plant 125 trees. 

A seed represents new beginnings, infinite potential and hope for a better way. 

Our environmental issues are pressing and National Tree Day allowed us to combat the detrimental effects of urbanisation. 

The aim of the day was to plant trees in a location to improve the density of the surrounding forest. We were armed with native trees, such as gum trees, and silver watering cans to nurture the young saplings. It is hoped they will grow into a flourishing ecosystem for koalas and other animals. 

Taking a hands-on approach cemented in our minds the importance of native forests to the overall health of the environment and allowed all of us to fully engage with Mother Nature. The activity was invaluable, and many of us plan to return after a period of time to view the results of our labour. 

It was our honour and privilege to aid in the development of a sustainable future for the generations to come. The seeds of the future rest in our palms.

Emily Read and Rachel Hoch- Year 11 Students 

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